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Materials Week 2024


MaterialsWeek 2024 aims to bring together – for the first time – the numerous small and large research and innovation (R&I) communities that are driving advances in materials innovation that manifests itself in diverse value chains and industrial markets. Save the date on Jun 17-21 in Limassol (Cyprus).

Abstract submission for oral and poster presentations is still open until 20th March!

It will highlight and address all relevant R&I aspects along different materials innovation chains, including from up-stream pre-competitive basic research to end-of-life, highlighting and elaborating solutions to the challenges arising in the context of the overarching policies.

The conference sessions include key topics with dedicated focus on digitalisation and sustainability. Furthermore, dedicated training courses & workshops will take place in the event contributing to reinforce the skills and widen the knowledge on relevant aspects contributing to provide Materials Innovation

ACCORDs is one of the organisers of the event and is looking forward to meeting all key actors in Materials Innovation.

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