Expected outcomes

ACCORDs will deliver a new imaging-based correlative characterisation framework including new regulatory compliant characterization methods (5-10 new methods) accompanied by user guidance for the 2D nanomaterial industry to efficiently support the development stages of 2D materials and products, including their safe(r) design, enhance process quality, and contribute to their Life Cycle Assessment. Depending on the exact type of materials and on the quality level of the characterisation and correlation, or on the property scale (macro-micro–nano), various (up to five) sub-groups of correlative approaches will be developed.

Up to ten new standard operating procedures (SOPs), new TMDFs along with TDRFs as a basis for data/images FAIRification, and decision-making workflows, computational modelling, and grouping and read-across.

New imaging-based protocols (up to five new protocols are expected) will be integrated with already available ones to assure a correlative and tiered approach to advance nanosafety testing.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning-based analysis of material properties will provide new models supporting product design and decision-making.

Up to five proposals for new technical documents for standards and guidelines to international standardisation bodies.

A reliable and practical imaging-based characterization framework for the holistic imaging based correlative characterisation of 2D to allow creation of regulatory ready products.

A user guide (for 2D nanomaterial producers, downstream users, and consultants).

A catalogue (Atlas) of reference physico-chemical and biological /safety characteristics for 2D nanomaterial for practical safety diagnostics to simplify monitoring of 2D nanomaterials along the value chain (quality and safety control) in analogy with medical imaging-based diagnostics.

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